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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

No.270. 'My battle cry.'

What is this thing MND, that turns a body on itself? What makes it relentlessly take away it's own existence by killing it's life force. What makes it so cruel and heartless? It has no compassion, no respite, no reprieve. It's mind never wavers from it's relentless course. To never stop till that last step is trod, that last word spoken, that last swallow choked, that last breath bravely fought. 

Yet in those final hours when it knows it has won, it has yet to defeat that spirit. To gaze into the eyes of the physical self and still see love and fight and passion, it will never take that. The last 'I love yous' that are expressed in so many different ways. It cannot steal that. A touch, a whisper, the gentlest squeeze of your hand, and those eyes that shout out love.

MND, you steal and have stolen so much, forever taken, but you will always be bravely fought. One day you will be defeated, that love and fight lives on beyond your cruel theft and you will be the one to die one day, never doubt that. In the taking of each and every life you have inspired 1000's more to fight back. An army is advancing and your days are numbered. 

Don't ever doubt that for a second. To those left behind when you have done your worst, amongst the grieving and utter loss, the only consolation left to them is that you will meet your own end one day, that MND will be consigned to history books and and we will all rejoice to know that no one will ever be taken by you again.

That will be the day we will have won.