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Thursday, 24 December 2015

No 268. Merry Christmas and keep fighting.

I have been dreading Christmas Eve more than anything. It was a time when late at night Chris would come in from midnight mass after he had been working all evening (when the kids were young I couldn't go) and I would grumble at him at yet another Christmas Eve on my own with the kids. We would then open our own stockings full of silly little cheap pressies before we went to bed and then we would snuggle and hug, all grumbles forgotten. We would be woken early even when the kids were quite grown up, to see them open their stockings and then Chris would disappear out to work for an hour before I long for those Christmas Eves again. They weren't perfect story book Christmas Eves, but they were ours.

I miss everything about my boy. I want to hug and hold him so much, something that was denied us in the last few months because of his breathing problems. I want to kiss and cuddle him, talk to him, laugh with him, see his smile, hear his voice, I want him all, I want him back. People tell me he will always be in my heart, but it will never be enough, I want what I can't have, the person, the man, my love, I just want him back.

There are many brave warriors out there still fighting MND. MND has been kinder to some and given them more time, others it chose to take sooner like my Chris. It has nothing to do with how much someone fights this awful disease, I believe it is just random luck as to whether it takes you sooner rather than later. 

As mentioned before Chris feared he would not be here this Christmas, but deep down neither of us believed that he wouldn't be. His MND didn't seem to be progressing fast, it hadn't affected his breathing, he was sure he had more time yet. He did not want to die and although he didn't shout it from the roof tops, he was fighting MND with every fibre of his body.

Chris acknowledged MND and impending death only as little as was needed. Rarely did he admit that MND would end his life early. In his last few weeks he would not discuss funeral arrangements or stuff like that. I knew he wanted to be cremated and have some ashes spread on the farm, I managed to get him to chose one or two hymns, but that was it. 

Chloe had come home to visit Chris in the last week of his life. She and Tom had a wedding to go to on the Friday and Chris insisted that they go back to Brighton and enjoy themselves. He kissed and waved her goodbye and I could tell he was very sad to see her go, but in hindsight I do not think he wanted her to see him die. The vicar came to see him later that day and he said things had changed. I asked what he meant, did he mean as in dying and he said yes. That really upset me, it was the first time he had acknowledged that he was actually dying, possibly close to death and that broke my heart. The next day he asked for his sister to visit. He did not want her to leave, he told her he felt different, again he felt he was dying. I asked him if he was still fighting, did he want to give up? he said he was still fighting to live more than anything.

So what I am trying to say is that a fighting spirit is important, never giving up is important, but if MND decides to take you sooner rather than later, it does not mean you did not fight enough. MND does what it wants, regardless of how much you fight. Fighting it while you are alive makes living with it a little more bearable, makes you feel a little more in control, even if the reality is so different. It is important to be angry with it, to put two fingers up to it, it helps our intellect believe we can win. It gives us hope.

Meanwhile our lives go on, they have to. I am going through the motions, but I am thoroughly enjoying having my youngest home, though she sadly goes back on the 27th. We have had fun doing mummy/daughter stuff, doing baking and Christmas preps together. It has been good.

Tomorrow a place will be laid for my darling boy, we will raise more than a glass or two to him and we will pray that 2016 will bring a much needed cure for all those still living with MND. May MND show some benevolence and allow them to live till that day comes.

And to all those who have lost someone they love to MND, especially those I have gotten to know, I send you so much love and hugs. If MND had never entered our lives I would never have gotten to know you, but your love and support has been so very much appreciated. We will face 2016 with part of us missing, but we will all be here for each other. My life has been made richer for knowing all those who have been touched by this hideous disease.

Merry Christmas and love to everyone.