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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

No. 244. 'Good versus bad and MND.'

I have heard people say recently that the world is a bad place. I think it has always been a bad place if you look back through history, but it is and always has been, a good place too.

The difference today is that we hear it all. The media etc always concentrates on the bad stuff and rightly so most of the time, it is hard to hide from it in this global, internet based world, plus the good stuff doesn't always make good copy.

I have had bad things happen to me over my life, I guess we all have in some way, but I have been touched much more by love, compassion and friendship, so much so that it has not allowed the bad stuff to control my life.

Recently with Christopher's diagnosis of MND, we all as a family hit rock bottom. As bad things go, as far as we are concerned anyway, this takes some beating. I chose to write a blog right from the beginning of Christopher's diagnosis. It was just for me to start with, as a record. I chose to do it on line as I am rubbish at keeping a diary and losing them. I also felt I owed it to Chris to not forget a single second of what he will have gone through. One day, on a whim, I thought I would share it on Twitter, I thought maybe it might raise some awareness as so many people I know knew nothing about MND and slowly more and more people started to read it. I couldn't understand why at first and even now I question why I bare my soul and our life for others to read about. Although I still do write my blog just for me, I am now aware I probably write it for others too. I have heard from the loveliest people who have or are walking this path also and they say it helps them to know they are not alone in this nightmare. I am saddened that others have to go through this too, but humbled beyond belief when people say such things to me.

I am sure there are people who question why we are so open about this disease, especially on social media, but you have to give in order to receive. By sharing our lives with MND I have come to know some wonderful people and more recently I have had such kind messages sent to me from people I don't even know. Messages full of love and support and prayers for Chris and us as a family.
They don't know us, but mostly we share a common pain, this awful disease MND.

So when people say the world is a bad place, of course it is sometimes, bad things will always happen, but it is a bloody good place too, so although we are living this vile nightmare at the moment, I am thankful to the bottom of my heart to have felt so much goodness and love in our lives. 

Open your heart and the love will find you.